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Learn the basics and etiquette of the lifestyle.

The lifestyle comes with many acronyms and etiquette which can be tricky to understand, especially if you're new. Learn some of the basics on this page and get the best start possible


So many letters, not enough time... Arrrgghh!

Basic Terminology.

Don't worry, it's easy to pick up. Understanding these basic acronyms can help a lot when looking for what others want out of the lifestyle.



Single woman in the lifestyle. They're called unicorns as they are rare and mystical ✨



Single guy in the lifestyle. This term is slowly fading away and being replaced with 'Single Guy'



A term used for people who aren't in the lifestyle. "I went out with my Vanilla friend for drinks"



Male, Female, Male

Female, Male, Female

The more letters the more people!


Soft Swap

Soft swapping can mean many things but typically it's playing with your own partner and maybe a little something with the other.


Full Swap

You guessed it, a full swap means you swap partners fully. Remember, it's what you're comfortable with and you set the rules.

More in depth.

Hot Tips 🔥

Read more detailed hot tips for everyone. We've got your back to learn more.

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Single Woman Hot Tips

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Hot Tips for Couples

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Lifestyle Etiquette

Learn the etiquette of the lifestyle right here.

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