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What's inside?

Packed with powerful features to get you started. Did you know SwingHub is free to use? There's enough to get started locally. Honestly, we're not lying. If you want the full mind-blowing experience, here is some of our premium features we have to offer.


See who's near

You can see others in the lifestyle around you. Seriously, to the mile. Crazy right?


Who's looked at me

You can see who's checking you out. It's cool, go ahead... Slide into their DM's.


Events & Parties

Long gone are the days of finding events. Now you can see what's happening around you.


Find my club

You don't know where your nearest club is? Don't worry, we've got it sorted.



Looking for something specific? Our explore feature let's you filter exactly the type of people / couples you're looking for.


Date Finder

Have a free night? Why not put the date you're free and see who else is too?

SwingHub Safety.

Safety is our top priority, did you know we implement many features to ensure this?


Ai Technology

Every user has to take a live photo before entering the app. The AI tech recognises your age and sex to prevent catfish profiles.


AI Moderation

Our AI tech is constantly scanning images and videos to ensure nothing illegal or outside the community guidelines is being posted.



Did you know we have a blackout feature? This means no screen shots or screen recordings. Keeping your images and videos safe.

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