We're stoked to have you join our team.

→ What's it like working for SwingHub?

Positive thinking and creative ideas don't come from sitting behind a desk 24/7. We encourage exploration, calculated risks and the screw it, lets do it philosophy to bring new ideas and features to our platform. We don't just look for skill, but a special personality within you to bring to the SwingHub team. Could this be you?

→Do you qualify to work at SwingHub?

💻 Computer literate
🎙 Able to work zoom or alternative video meeting software
✉️ Can access emails, when required
🗓 Flexible on dates you can work
💻 Know how to develop apps? (Major points for this one)
🥰 Compassionate & Kind
🚀 Have a skill that could be useful to SwingHub
👏🏻 Understand we like to work in a positive environment
✌🏼 Ethical
♥️ Have empathy and willing to bring new ideas
⛳️ Be prepared to lose at mini golf (we take it very seriously)

What teams do we have?


Alpha Team

Alpha team are anything from App Developers, UI/UX, Tech Geeks and the rest. What ever your knowledge, we're interested.


Bravo Team

Bravo team consist of moderators, social media ninjas, videographers, photographers, marketers.


Charlie Team

Charlie team are made up of HR, Accounting, Finance and what ever falls outside of Alpha and Bravo teams.

No we don't wear suits

Keep an eye on our social media accounts for any new opening we may have.

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