Single women tips by VistaWife.

The time is now, ladies.

Times are changing and women want more and more. In todays world, we have access to explore whatever we want, when we want but we need to stay safe.


Single Women


The best thing about SwingHub is we're all verified before getting onto the app. But this doesn't mean the person sending you the photos of themselves is the real them. Always ask for more photos, for example, putting their pinky in their ear while crossing their eyes.


Single Women

How to stay safe

It can be amazing, getting what you want but always remember, safety is the number one priority, here's a few tips to be extra safe.

Tell a trusted friend

Telling a trusted friend where you're going can be a great help if you're ever in a sticky situation, not the good kind either.

Secret codeword

Telling your friend a codeword you can drop into a conversation during text or call if things aren't what they seem can help you leave without the awkwardness.


Keep all messaging on the SwingHub app, did you know people can find your personal social media accounts if you give them your phone number?

Take your own protection

Always take your own condoms. This can prevent any STI's and make sure safe sex is a guarantee.


If you can, take your own alcohol. Be careful to not get too intoxicated and make sure you keep an eye on the person who's getting you a drink.

Always be professional

Single women are popular in the lifestyle. This doesn't mean you can act how you want. Be professional and courteous to others and have a great time!


Single Women


This isn't meant to scare you and bad things rarely happen. You can get a feeling when something is good or bad, but always wear on the side of caution until you're 100% positive it's the right thing and person to do.

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