Community Guidelines in Full.

We're determined to keep you safe. Enjoy the read.

Here's the deal...

Any failure to comply with the code of conduct as stated may result in a permanent ban from our service. If you see another user violating our code of conduct, please report them to SwingHub by using the report button.


Public Images

  • No nude or pornographic images.
  • No images featuring children or young adults.
  • Photos that don’t feature a face may be removed at the discretion of our team.
  • Shapes or outlines that make genitals visible through clothing are prohibited.
  • Blank photos with a plain background will be removed.
  • No photos of suggestive or explicit sexual acts, either real, illustrated or simulated.
  • The use of stock images or of people who are not the account owner are prohibited.
  • No photos of guns, knives, or other weapons.
  • No photos of racist, intolerant, or hateful gestures or symbols.
  • Images that are not you.


Chat Photos

  • No explicit images as the first message.
  • No unsolicited nude images.
  • Sending images featuring personal information such as national insurance / social security numbers, credit card numbers, passports and drivers licences etc. is strictly prohibited.


Discrimination, misogyny, and bullying will all result in an immediate ban.

  • Hate speech is strictly prohibited; this includes but is not limited to instances of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Any attempts at accessing the private information of other users for fraudulent or illegal activity may be banned.
  • Users are prohibited from posting or sending photos that are not suitable for a diverse audience unless the user has expressly been given consent by the recipient.
  • SwingHub is an app open to people of all genders/races/ethnicities/orientations and as such will not allow any user to infringe on the safety and enjoyment of our app by another user for any reason. Any attempts at preventing another user's safety and enjoyment of the app will result in an immediate ban.
  • SwingHub is passionate on respect and consent, therefore sending sexually explicit messages without the consent of your match will result in your profile being banned.
  • Mass messages requesting to take matches instantly off the platform it not allowed. 
  • Harassment of users for nude pictures, contact information, or other personal information is a direct violation of our community standards.


  • Solicitation of any kind is not allowed. This includes the offering and accepting rewards for sexual favours, media content or communication via electronic devices.
  • No contact details (social media, phone numbers, passports, passwords) in your profile name or text.
  • The use of our app and/or websites for the selling or purchasing of narcotics and/or drugs is strictly prohibited. Any user found attempting to sell or purchase narcotics or drugs will be immediately banned.
  • Promotion of glory holes or other anonymous services are strictly forbidden due to user safety and will result in an immediate ban of your account. This includes abbreviations and alluding to such promotions.


  • Minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from using SwingHub. Please use the report feature to bring any underage user who may be improperly using the app to the attention of our team.


  • We are sex worker friendly, but there is a thin line between a user using SwingHub for it's intended reason and someone else solely using SwingHub to sell their OnlyFans. If it's reported that you are constantly pushing people towards your OnlyFans, this can be a result of an instant ban.

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